VHE receive the order pressing the ferrules for leaking Tomoken & Firest fire hoses

VHE receive the order pressing the ferrules for leaking Tomoken & Firest fire hoses

Last week, VHE supported the case of the customer who was facing a situation where the Tomoken & Firest VJ50-30/16 fire hose, with a pressure of 16 bar, continuously leaked during operation. The customer took the pipe down to VHE's warehouse for inspection.

Technicians check the hose condition

The faucet and pipe are braided with 2 steel wires but are not sturdy. During the process of spraying water, the fire hose still leaks continuously, causing its operating capacity to not be highly effective.

Fire hose leaking

VHE technicians decided to come up with a solution to press the ferrules for the fire hose to fix the leak. After careful inspection and measurement, 6 strands of the customer's Tomoken & Firest fire hose were pressed with a ferrule to help secure it firmly, preventing water from leaking to the outside.

VHE staff pressed the leaking fire hose

Press the ferrule for a leaking fire hosePressing the ferrule for a leaking fire hose

VHE is currently providing pipe pressing processing services and handling leaking and damaged pipes during operation. In addition, the company has a team of technicians with more than 12 years of professional experience who can handle technical problems during the process.

Customers who demand pipe pressing processing or encounter leaking or damaged pipes that need to be replaced, please contact VHE to receive a technical consultation!

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