VHE implemented 200 hydraulic hose replacements for an industrial technical service company

VHE implemented 200 hydraulic hose replacements for an industrial technical service company

On March 21, the customers requested to replace 200 old hydraulic hoses with genuine Parker Vitillo crimping fittings, made in Italy, to ensure quality and stability during production operations.

VHE's workers measured the size of old hydraulic hose threads to replace them accurately according to the order.

VHE staff are conducting measurements

Some of the requirements in the order include:

+ 1/2", 2-layer pipe (2SC), pressure-resistant 280bar, 1 straight end and 1 number 8 socket

+ 3/4", 2-layer pipe (2SC), pressure-resistant 215bar, straight ends No. 12

+ 1", 4-layer pipe (4SH), pressure-resistant 210bar, 1 straight end, 1 number 16 socket

...With different lengths for each installation location

Press the Parker 471TC hydraulic hose

Why do the hydraulic hoses need to be maintained and replaced periodically?

Hydraulic hoses are used to transport pressurized fluid between different components in a hydraulic system. If the hose has signs of damage or leakage, the hydraulic system will stop working or may cause other dangerous incidents. Normally, the lifespan of a hydraulic hose is a minimum of 1 to 2 years and a maximum of 3 years. Therefore, the technical staff must regularly check on a regular schedule at least once a month.

VHE is currently providing low-cost, quality hydraulic hose pressing services in Ho Chi Minh City. With 12 years of experience in the hydraulic industry, VHE is a credible and trustworthy address that many large businesses prioritize cooperation with. In addition, VHE is also a distributor of hydraulic fittings used to process hydraulic pipes, such as crimping fittings, adaptors, and ferrules of the Vitillo brand, and a service provider for processing equipment and pipe pressing services.


VHE also has a team of trained staff with high technical expertise and many years of experience in completing hydraulic pipe head processing orders for many large and small businesses nationwide. Moreover, the company provides full warranty service if technical problems occur after processing, so customers can rest assured when using the hydraulic pipe pressing service provided by Vina-Hydraulic Equipment Joint Stock Company.

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