Transported the order of hydraulic hose for Automobile Joint Stock Company

Transported the order of hydraulic hose for Automobile Joint Stock Company

More than 1000 meters of hydraulic pipes, 2000 ecus and unions, 1000 crimping fittings DIN, etc. of Vitillo brands have just been delivered by VHE for the Automobile Joint Stock Company in the Northern region. Because this is a high-value order, it requires the VHE's technical staff to pack carefully and ensure safety during long-distance transportation.

Shipping Vitillo hydraulic hose orders

VHE delivered fittings hydraulic to customers such as:

  • Hydraulic hose of Vitillo R2AT 1/2'', TH2SN08
  • Hydraulic hose of Vitillo R2AT 1/2'', TH2SN08
  • Ecu 12L, M18x 1.5, DL12
  • Ecu 15L, M22x 1.5, DL15
  • Union 12LS, ADTLS12
  • Union 15L, ADTL15
  • Crimping fittings Vitillo DIN 1'' - 28L, FE1636L28
  • Crimping fittings DIN 1/4'', B12T04N

Some information about the Vitillo brand

Vitillo Corporation was established in 1991, and it is one of the leading credible companies in supplying hydraulic equipment. Vitillo's hydraulic products are all manufactured in the EU. Some of the certifications that Vitillo has achieved are IQNet - ISO 9001, RINA - ISO 9001, Mining type approvals (MSHA), Marine type approvals (RINA- MAC), Med: EC Type-Examination Certificate (Module B & Module D).

In Vietnam, Vina- Hydraulic Equipment Joint Stock Company is currently an agent that distributes Vitillo's products such as Hydraulic hoses (1SN, 2SN, 4SP, 4SH, R13, R15 …), Ferrule and Adaptors, BSP threaded connectors, JIC threaded connectors, ORFS threaded connectors, and Connectors to DIN 2353 standard. In particular, VHE imports directly products from the factories in large quantities, so it has very good and competitive prices in the market.

Cheap Vitillo tube

Customers who are interested in Vitillo's product please contact VHE for a specific consultation!

Consulting support: 0903 967 588 or 0903 067 588

Support Email: [email protected]

Address: 127 Huy Can, Gia Hoa Residential Area, Thu Duc City, Vietnam


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