Instruction on how to calculate the pressure of steel pipes

Why do we need to calculate the pressure inside the pipe when constructing a pipeline system, an oil or gas pipeline? To answer this question, let's explore the post below with VHE to understand how to calculate the pressure inside cast steel pipes at minimum yield strength!

Most people, when buying steel pipes for installation, do not know how to do pressure calculations to choose the right type of pipe. Therefore, when calculating this value, we can know whether to choose a thick tube or not. Or choose a tube with a larger diameter.

Below is the pressure calculation formula derived from the scientific research work of mathematician Peter Barlow. This is the formula that has been recognized by many scientific councils around the world and is used in many places as a standard to determine material quality.

Formula to calculate the working pressure of steel pipes:

how to calculate the pressure of steel pipes


  • 1 Mpa = 1,000,000 Pa
  • 1 Mpa = 1,000 kPa
  • 1 MPa = 10 Bar
  • 1 Mpa = 1,000,000 N/m2
  • 1 MPa = 100 N/cm2
  • 1 Mpa = 1 N/mm2
  • 1 Mpa = 1,000 kN/m2
  • 1 Mpa = 0.1 kN/cm2
  • 1 Mpa = 0,001 Kn/cm2
  • 1 Mpa = 101,971.6213 kg/m2
  • 1 Mpa = 10.19716213 tons/cm2
  • 1 Mpa = 0.1019716213 kg/mm2
  • 1 Mpa = 101.9716213 tons/m2
  • 1 Mpa = 0.01017916213 tons/cm2
  • 1 Mpa = 0,0001017916213 tons/mm2
Steels Standard Equivalent steel grade Yield limit (σ0.2) (N/mm2) Application
CT3 ГOCT 380-71 CT38 TCVN 1765- 75 ≥ 210 - A common type of rolled steel, carburized
- Usually supplied hot rolled, in the Normalized state and without further heat treatment to increase durability
- Mainly used in construction structures and common machine parts
JIS G3101- 1987
C45 TCVN 1765- 75 45 ГOCT 1050- 74 ≥ 360 - It is a good quality structural steel and carbon steel
- Usually sugar is supplied in the form of rolled, threaded and semi-finished products
- Mainly used to make machine parts, very advanced for determining hot processing mode and part durability
S45C JIS G4051- 1979
1045 AISI ≥ 390
C55 TCVN 1765- 75 55 ГOCT 1050- 74
S55C JIS G4051- 1979
1055 AISI
C65 TCVN 1765- 75 65 ГOCT 1050- 74 ≥ 420
Inox 304 AISI 08Cr18Ni10 TCVN  ≥ 201 - Is a type of stainless steel belonging to the austenitic family, non-magnetic
- Commonly used in the chemical industry, food processing, medical equipment, etc.
304L AISI SUS 304L JIS ≥ 175
SUS 316
(Inox 316)
JIS     ≥ 205 - Is a type of stainless steel belonging to the austenitic family, non-magnetic
- Higher abrasion resistance than SUS304.
- Commonly used in the chemical industry, food processing, medical equipment, etc.


Pipe clamps from OD6 to OD20 are available in large quantities

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VHE has just stocked more than 10,000 sets of hydraulic pipe clamps to meet the need to buy large quantities of plastic clamps for customers. Plastic clip sizes available in stock include:

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VHE is currently providing accessories used in pipelines, such as: Socket Stainless Steel, Female Socket Stainless Steel, Adaptor Male Stainless Steel, Union Female Stainless Steel,... at cheap and quality prices in Saigon. These are inseparable and indispensable parts of the pipeline system. The function of these types of connectors is to connect pipes and pipe sections in different directions and

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What is a hydraulic hose? A reputable supplier of hydraulic hose

A hydraulic hose is a type of high-pressure pipe used in harsh environments, that withstands great external impacts and optimal corrosion resistance. Hydraulic hoses are considered an important and indispensable device in hydraulic systems and are widely used by many large businesses.

VHE's warehouse of high-quality hydraulic hose at cheap prices

The standard hydraulic hose contains a minimum structure of 3 layers:

- The core or innermost pipe layer

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Vina- Hydraulic Equipment Joint Stock Company is currently distributing more than 5,000 meters of Teflon PTFE pipes available at the warehouse. VHE imports Teflon pipes directly from factories in large quantities, so the price is extremely competitive. 

14'' stainless steel coated teflon hydraulic hose, PTFE-SS-04

Teflon PTFE hydraulic hose sizes come in all sizes, such as:

  • Teflon PTFE hydraulic hose covered with stainless steel 1/4", PTFE-SS-04
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Vina- Hydraulic Equipment Joint Stock Company is currently a distributor of more than 55,000 pipe clamps of all kinds at good prices and quality nationwide. The available products at VHE's warehouse, include as Plastic pipe clamps, Aluminum tube clamps, Light pipe clamps, Heavy pipe clamps, and Polypropylene pipe clamps.

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6 Big Causes of Broken Hydraulic Hose

In the hydraulic system, pipe bursts are one of the headaches for many excavators. Subsequent maintenance and installation costs take a lot of time and money, and work performance will be delayed for a long time. So what are the common causes of broken hydraulic hoses? Let's find out from VHE through the post below!

Broken Hydraulic Hose

1. Using the low-quality hydraulic

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VHE has processing service for all kinds of hydraulic pipes


Vina- Hydraulic Equipment Joint Stock Company currently providing low-cost, high-precision hydraulic pipe pressing services nationwide. The company has become a credible and trustworthy address when chosen by many large and small businesses to place orders.

Press the hydraulic pipe

Some orders VHE receives include:

- Processing Parker's hydraulic hoses with genuine Parker Vitillo crimping fittings, made in Italy

- HYCO's hydraulic hose, straight ends

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GOOD PRICE - HIGH QUALITY - DURABILITY hydraulic hose in Sai Gon


Hydraulic pipe at goog price in Viet Nam

The market is currently distributing hydraulic hoses from many brands. However, to get a cheap price, many people choose low-quality, poor performance, and durability. Moreover, after some time, the oil will leak out, affecting the entire production system. Therefore, choosing a quality hydraulic pipe at an appropriate price becomes more difficult for many people.

Let's find out with VHE which

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