Four popular hydraulic adaters today

The adapter is one of the important accessories often used in civil or industrial piping systems. The main task of these adapters is to connect pipes to machines in systems or quickly open and close quid, steam, and gas pipelines. In the content below, please join VHE to learn about the most common types of adapters for hydraulic pipes!

Four popular hydraulic adaters today

1. JIC Threaded Adapters

JIC Threaded Adapters's full name is the Joint Industry Council. JIC is the most common type of connector. It is very commonly used on hydraulic pipes. JIC is based on the SAE J514 standard. JIC threads have a 37⁰ taper angle and are parallel threads. The JIC female threaded end has a concave taper, and the JIC male threaded end has a convex taper.

JIC Adapters

JIC Threaded Adapters

2. BSP Threaded Adapters

BSP Threaded Adapters stands for British Standard Pipe, a threaded system according to British standards. The defining standard of the BSP thread system is the number of threads per inch. The angle between the two BSP thread tips is 55°. BSP has two main forms: BSPP and BSPT. BSPT & BSPP have a 60° taper angle with a concave male end and a convex female end. The BSP system is usually defined according to ISO 7 & ISO 228 and may use inch measurement units to calculate nominal pipe sizes, but actual dimensions are measured in millimeters.

BSP Adapters

BSP Threaded Adapters

3. ORFS Threaded Adapters

ORFS Threaded Adapters's full name is O Ring Face Seal Threads. This type of thread was researched and developed by SAE. This type of connector has many outstanding advantages in terms of sealing ability and ease of installation. The ORFS system consists of one male end and one female end. The male end has threads and O-rings to help seal. The ORFS female head has a flat cone and a groove to connect to the O-ring.

ORFS Adapters

ORFS Threaded Adapters

4. DIN Threaded Adapter

DIN thread system stands for Deutsches Institut für Normung, according to the German Institute of Technology Standards. DIN connectors are specified in the metric system with a 24⁰ taper angle. The DIN thread system is divided into 2 types: Light Series (Light series) also has the symbol DKL/ DKOL. Heavy Series also has the symbol DKS/DKOS. In mechanical engineering, we apply many DIN standard systems, including DIN 933, DIN 931, DIN 558, 601, 960, 961,...

DIN Adapters

DIN Threaded Adapter

VHE is currently a distributor of BSP Threaded Adapters, JIC Threaded Adapters, ORFS Threaded Adapters, and DIN2353 standard connectors. Because the company imports goods directly from large factories around the world such as Vitillo and Parker, it has extremely competitive prices.

BSP Threaded Adapters, JIC Threaded Adapters, ORFS Threaded Adapters, and DIN2353 standard connectors

Customers who need to purchase hydraulic connector products should immediately contact VHE to receive advice from technical experts on choosing the type of connector that best suits their hydraulic system.

- Consulting support: 0903 967 588 or 0903 067 588

- Support Email: [email protected]

- Address: 127 Huy Can, Gia Hoa Residential Area, Thu Duc City, Vietnam


Teflon PTFE hydraulic hose covered with stainless steel mesh, processed by pressing JIC crimping fitting in Ho Chi Minh City

Teflon PTFE hydraulic hoses are often used as pressure-resistant pneumatic pipes or chemical pipes in hydraulic systems. Today, Vietnam Hydraulic Equipment Joint Stock Company is providing all sizes of Teflon hydraulic hose available in stock. In addition, the company also processes low-cost JIC crimping fittings for PTFE hydraulic hoses in the Ho Chi Minh City area.

Some sizes of Teflon

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Address for cheap, quality hydraulic hose pressing processing in Binh Duong

Today, in the Vietnam market, many stores are providing pressing hydraulic hose services with different prices and quality. Therefore, choosing a credible facility to accurately press hoses will be a difficult problem for some customers.

Address for quality hydraulic hose pressing in Binh Duong

Vina-Hydraulic Equipment Joint Stock Company (VHE) is currently a place to provide professional, quality hydraulic

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Specializing high-quality Stainless Steel Pipe SS316 at a cheap price

VHE is currently supplying more than 2,000 quality SS316 seamless steel pipes nationwide. Because the company imports directly from the manufacturing plants, the prices are extremely competitive. Some sizes of seamless steel pipes available at the VHE warehouse include:

  • Stainless Steel Pipes SS316, OD08x1.0-SS
  • Stainless Steel Pipes SS316, OD08x1.5-SS
  • Stainless Steel Pipes SS316, OD10x1.5-SS
  • Stainless Steel Pipes SS316, OD12x1.5-SS
  • Stainless
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Fireproof insulated firesleeve cover with good prices nationwide

VHE currently specializes in distributing and retailing insulated, high- temperature resistant, fireproof PJ covers at competitive prices nationwide. Hydraulic warehouses currently have a variety of insulation cover sizes, from ID5 to ID102.

Fireproof insulated firesleeve cover with good prices nationwide

Firesleeve cover, correctly called PyroJacket, is a sleeve that covers the outside of hydraulic hoses, electrical wiring, cables, etc., helping to withstand high temperatures and prevent fire.

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Genuine Elephant Flex 1-layer, 2-layer, and 4-layer steel tube rubber hydraulic hose at a cheap price

Elephant Flex hydraulic hose at a cheap price

More than 20,000 meters of Elephant Flex hydraulic hose are imported in large quantities to serve customer needs. VHE is currently distributing and supplying wholesale and retail quantities, available in all sizes of Elephant Flex hydraulic hoses, 1-layer, 2-layer, 4-layer, and high-pressure lines, ensuring better quality with competitive prices, cheaper on the current market.

- Sizes (dimensions - inches):

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Genuine Parker hydraulic pneumatic hoses at good prices in Saigon

VHE is currently providing more than 30,000 meters of Parker hydraulic hose. The warehouse has 1-layer, 2-layer, 4-layer, and 6-layer hydraulic hoses, hard hydraulic hoses, canvas rubber oil hoses, and smooth leather hoses, all at extremely good prices in Saigon.

Genuine Parker hydraulic pneumatic hoses at good prices in Saigon

About Parker Hannifin Corporation

Parker is the world's biggest manufacturer of hydraulic hoses on the market today. Parker hydraulic

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Same-level Welding Nipple Stainless Steel SS316 at a good prices

Vina- Hydraulic Equipment Joint Stock Company is currently distributing more than 10,000 sets of welding nipple SS316 in many different sizes nationwide. Same-level welding nipple sizes available at VHE warehouse include:

  • Same-level Welding Nipple Stainless Steel SS316, 35Lx3.0, SKA35X3.0-SS
  • Same-level Welding Nipple Stainless Steel SS316, 42Lx3.0, SKA42X3.0-SS
  • Same-level Welding Nipple Stainless Steel SS316 SS316 06x1.5, SKA06X1.5-SS
  • Same-level Welding Nipple Stainless
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What is a Micro Hose? Uses of pressure test wire

The micro hose also known as a pressure wire, is an essential device to track the operation of the system. Often used in small hydraulic circuit systems, checking oil pressure on the system, attaching to a meter to test pressure, taking liquid samples,...

Hydraulic Micro Test Point Hose DN2 5/64''

About the technical information Hydraulic Micro Test Point Hose

- The outer layer is made from

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Steam Hose Alfagomma 340 at a good price in June

Steam Hose Alfagomma

Vina- Hydraulic Equipment Joint Stock Company is currently an important partner specializing in distributing genuine steam hose Alfagomma brand in Vietnam. Because the company is importing from factories with large quantities, it can get extremely good prices this June.

Technical information about Alfagomma hydraulic pipe

- The material: Conductive black EPDM rubber, reinforced with 1 - 2

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Parker EN 856 4SH 1.1/4'' 4 layer steel hydraulic hose with good price

VHE currently has more than 3000 meters of Parker EN 856 4SH 1.1/4'' hydraulic hose with good price-pressing service nationwide. The company is a distributor and agent specializing in providing genuine Parker in large quantities, so it has good and competitive prices. Mainly products, equipment, and accessories such as hydraulic hose (1-layer, 2-layer, 4-layer, 6-layer), crimping fittings, adapters, quick couplings,

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